Listing Guidelines

Listing Guidelines

Advertisers are ultimately responsible for ensuring the adverts they place are suitable for listing i.e., they are legal and decent.

Ads that fall outside the posting rules stated here and in Terms and Conditions may be removed from

Following are some guidelines as to which averts may not be placed on, but does not represent a complete list. If you are unsure whether your product can be listed, please contact us on

General Guidelines

  • Illegal items or services are not permitted on SellFree.
  • Malicious, defaming or slanderous ads are not permitted on the site.
  • Ad that contains adult, mature or erotic content are not allowed.
  • Personals are not allowed.
  • All ads must be posted in the most appropriate category.
  • Each item, job or service should only be posted on the site once. Duplicates and spam ads are not allowed.
  • Each ad must only contain one item. Multiple items must be listed in individual ads, with the exception of household clearance ads and job ads with multiple openings for the same position.
  • Items posted for sale must include the price within the ad.
  • URLs must be entered in the URL field, not in the description of the ad.
  • Members must enter their contact details in the correct fields within their ads. Revealing these details in the ad description, photos or title is not allowed.
  • Premium phone numbers are not permitted to be used in the Contact Phone Number field, or in the ad description. They can be used in the Registered Phone Number field.
  • Adding fake or invalid phone numbers is not allowed. Including a phone number in your ad is optional. If you don’t want to include one, leave the field blank.
  • Keyword spamming (including many irrelevant words within your ad) to manipulate searches is not allowed.
  • SellFree does not allow discrimination of any kind.
  • Offensive language, hate speech or extreme profanity are not allowed.
  • Auctions ads are not permitted on SellFree.
  • Sold items and other ads that are no longer available should be deleted by the poster.
  • All items and services must be based in the UK.
  • Ads stating that they will not accept cash are not permitted.
  • Ads stating that the item is not able to be inspected or picked up in person are not allowed.
  • Pre-order ads are not allowed. All items must be in the possession of the seller before they can be posted. 

These guidelines were last revised 19th July 2021.